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“Be fearless, confident, and expressive. Show the world you mean business because why not? Never be afraid to be you.."

Lovi Poe

"I think everyone is a badass inside."

Lovi reminds us that she too is just like the rest of us, and how there are times when she doesn’t feel beautiful at all, especially when she’s feeling under the weather. On days when we feel less than stellar, there are certain things or activities we can turn to that can give us the confidence boost we need.

AC Bonifacio

"Iba talaga ‘yung glow up mo, whether it's on your eyes, your cheeks, or anywhere you put it."

I love adding sparkle to my makeup because it makes you glow so much. Tryn’yo lang, ‘wag kayong matakot. It’s something you will definitely love. It’s so beautiful it'll make you feel more confident


Effortlessly glides on skin for a lasting glow. Upgrade any look with a pop of color. This highly-pigmented formula blends into a sheer, lightweight, and natural finish, yet incredibly long-lasting.