Boss Babe Era Bundle


This bundle contains:

  • Compact Powder (Any Shade) worth 595
  • Spot Assassin Concealer (any shade) worth 395
  • Dessert Warrior Eyeshadow
  • Pitch Black Mascara
  • FREE Milk Choco Brow Buddy
  • FREE Lash Curler

Elevate your makeup game with our Compact Powder, a powerhouse beauty essential that not only delivers a stunning matte finish but also cares for your skin. Enriched with nourishing Vitamin E, hydrating Jojoba Wax, oil-controlling Kaolin, and boasting a protective SPF30, this compact powder is a must-have in your beauty arsenal for that flawless skin and sun-safe beauty. 

  • Mattifying
  • Antioxidant
  • Silky Feel
  • Oil Control
  • Flawless Coverage

It is formulated to target and annihilate every blemish, spot, or flaw. Its highly pigmented formula provides buildable, full coverage that allows you to take down even the toughest imperfections. This concealer is your partner in crime for all-day coverage.While it excels at hiding imperfections, the Spot Assassin Concealer can also double as a highlighter, contour, or even an eyeshadow base. Best of all, we’ve loaded the Spot Assassin Concealer with skin-loving ingredients like SODIUM HYALURONATE, VITAMIN E, SQUALANE and GLYCEROL that not only conceal but also nourish and protect. With the Spot Assassin Concealer in your beauty arsenal, you’re armed with the ultimate tool to face the day - and your mirror - with confidence and poise.

Use the Badass Gaze Mascara to transform your eyes into a stunning focal point. With its vibrant and captivating hue, these mascaras effortlessly takes center stage, offering a captivating twist on traditional makeup styles. It can be worn alone for a striking and unconventional statement look, or it can be paired with other eye makeup products for a complementary effect. It’s a daring choice that empowers you to embrace your individuality, celebrate your creativity, and showcase your unique sense of style. Best of all, it is packed with nourishing ingredients like CASTOR OIL, ARGAN OIL, SUNFLOWER SEED WAX and ROSEHIP OIL ensuring your lashes remain healthy and luscious while also providing the long-lasting wear you desire.

Your ultimate companion for creating captivating eye looks! Dive into a world of endless possibilities with a carefully curated selection of richly pigmented shades, ranging from shimmering metallics to velvety mattes. Whether you're aiming for a subtle daytime allure or a dramatic evening glam, this palette has you covered. Formulated with a blendable and long-lasting formula, each hue effortlessly glides on for seamless application and intense color payoff. Elevate your eye game and unleash your creativity with our Eyeshadow Palette - the perfect blend of elegance and edge!